Transforming a Village

In Feb 2012, Hemispheres Foundation together with Hope Villages Fund initiated a zero carbon resettlement community in Kampong Speu Province, about 60km from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Besides providing each of these newly resettled homeless family a house with basic facilities like toilet and well, we also introduced a bio-digester system for a clean sustaining living. The bio-digester system converts human, animal and agriculture waste into natural gas for cooking and lighting and the solid waste into natural fertiliser. For a sustainable livelihood, basic education from pre-school education, English, vocational skills, natural farming techniques, financial management to personal hygiene will also be introduced.

Helping a Community

The zero carbon resettlement community houses more than 1000 homeless people. Students will also be helping the community by building houses and bio-digesters; facilitating English lessons and interaction with the villagers. If you wish to participate, please contact us.