Leads young environmentalists on a journey of changing mind-sets and improve leadership skills to create a long term impactful sustainable lifestyle development.

GYS Camp 2018 Haiphong

Twenty GYS Facilitators and Trainers from Vietnam and Singapore welcomed ninety-three Vietnamese students from Haiphong and Hanoi to Haiphong Youth Center for a three-day GYS camp.

The camp for aged 9 to 16 years old, helps to develop leadership the clean environment way. They experienced how to shop smartly, identifying good healthy consumer products with good carbon mileage. Cooked lunch for fellow team members with their shopping at the market. Creatively designed a prototype product from waste material. And above all, developed and presented a solution to reduce waste. Team from Doan and Olympia Schools demonstrated how to use solar energy to light up a room with a used bottle won first place. That prize was a sponsored trip to attend GYS in Singapore.