Actions For Earth – Global Leaders Summit (GLS) an initiative by Hemispheres Foundation is a platform for community leaders globally to solve some of the world’s green complex problems. This is one of the few Global events that cut across different sectors (community leaders, environment, education, social entrepreneurship and changing mindset of the community).

The inaugural summit will be launched in Singapore in August 2022 (subject to World Health Guideline) whereby global community leaders will attend the 3-day summit and an exhibit showcasing Future Ready Sustainable City Projects. GLS shall continue to evolve globally among our global partners after the inaugural event in Singapore.

GLS shall inspire communities, the awareness and impact of Climate Change. Be a Future Ready Sustainable City, Green Storm Approach toward Project Development for Smart technology and engaging the community at large to make the change.

With futuristic vision of the better environment, delegates will continue to grow its network and be globally-aware citizens and leaders for a greener future-ready sustainable city.


With the support of our marketing partner Singapore Tourism Board and our Global Environmental Partners we are launching ACTIONS FOR EARTH – GLOBAL LEADERS CHALLENGE 2021. The challenge invites global community leaders to compete and showcase their sustainable projects.

The virtual challenge is a lead-up to ACTIONS FOR EARTH – GLOBAL LEADERS SUMMIT 2022 with the objective of involving Community Leaders globally to create innovative and feasible solutions to protect the environment from further destruction focusing on UN Sustainable Development Goals 6, 7, 11, 12, 13, 14 or 15. The virtual challenge shall be hosted at five of our global partners in Vietnam, Australia, Ghana, Nigeria and Singapore.

150 global community leaders will partake in this challenge. Of which 30 semi-finalists, selected by panel of international judges will be invited to come to Singapore to present their projects at the Actions for Earth – Global Leaders Summit 2022.