Our Mission

Hemispheres Foundation plays an active role in providing education enhancement programmes on environmental and social affairs. Our passion for nature and community involvement sparked the creation Nature conservation and Environmental education programmes for schools, engaging students on environmental issues and climate change since 2000. Hemispheres Foundation is based in Singapore.

How We Started Out

Founded in 1996 by Ms Ann Phua, Hemispheres Foundation had a very simple mission statement – to promote nature and wildlife conservation in Singapore and the region. To Ann, the modern lifestyles that we lead today have resulted in a lack of contact with wildlife, as well as an exposure to natural environments.

Today, Hemispheres Foundation has many achievements to its name. It has transformed a vacant bush land into a Zero Carbon Resettlement Village, and developed nature conservation and environmental programmes for students. It has also launched the biannual Actions For Earth: Global Youth Summit, a youth-led global platform for youths to network, discuss and initiate innovative and sustainable solutions.

We live in a comfortable city. This may result in us taking many things for granted. We need to occasionally step out of our comfort to appreciate what we have. We need to learn to be responsible individuals, not only for Singapore, but also for the rest of the world, so that we can create caring, clean and safe environments together.

Ann Phua

President and founder of Hemispheres Foundation